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Play! Throw! Splash!

BucketBall Official Set

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OFFICIAL BUCKETBALL SET - Includes the following:

- 12 Buckets Total (6 Blue Buckets and 6 Orange Buckets)

- 2 BucketBall Game Balls

- 1 Bucketball Tote Bag

- BucketBall Instructions

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BucketBall Bucket

What is BucketBall?

BucketBall is the hottest new beach, poolside, backyard and outdoor game.

BucketBall - Play! Throw! Splash!

Play! Throw! Splash!

BucketBall is played by setting up two sets of 6 buckets in triangular formation separated 30 feet apart. Each player on a team tries to throw the ball into the opposing team's buckets. If a ball goes into a bucket, that bucket is removed from the game. The first team that makes all of the buckets first WINS!!!

Official BucketBall Set

The Official BucketBall Set

The Official BucketBall Set comes with 12 buckets total (6 orange buckets and 6 blue buckets), 2 BucketBall Game Balls, and a custom made Tote Bag.

BucketBall is Portable, Lightweight and Convenient!

Portable, Lightweight and Convenient

The Official BucketBall Set weighs less than 6 pounds and takes up less than 2 cubic feet of space. The custom tote bag makes it portable and convenient to take anywhere you want to go.